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Amplify your Shopify store & Sell more.

Connect your Shopify store to our sales channel and create a new revenue stream for your e-commerce business. And the best part, it’s 100% FREE!

Easy to start
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Distribution network built for Shopify stores

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5-Minutes setup
About Us

Great sales channel for Shopify stores.

We’ve built an awesome team of great e-commerce experts, marketing gurus, and amazing software developers to connect store owners and manufacturers to the right audience.

We have one goal in mind, to send you more sales with less effort, and at no additional cost. Sell more, but with grace.

Turnkey sales

No infrastructure needed

Plug & play sales channel for Shopify!

Install our Shopify app and get connected to our network with no infrastructure cost at your side. No hosting costs, no setup fees, sales fees, or other hidden costs are charged.

This is it.
What can we do?
Our Skills

Meet our core skills

Everything you need to scale up is covered under the same roof. All-in-one dashboard.

Ecommerce automation
Drive sales

Full sync with your Shopify store 24/7

Sync your store 24/7 with our platform via our built-in Shopify integration. Install our Shopify app and automate everything from product data to orders, tracking, and returns.

Always keep your product’s price and stock in sync and never oversell.

Use our innovative formulas to set specific rules for product pricing.

Orders are automatically processed and imported to your Shopify store like normal orders.

With us, it’s easy to manage the returns for each case. Benefit from our advanced return policy any time you need.

Cool Features

We excel in delivering optimal solutions.

Guaranteed payments

Get paid always on time for your completed orders. Ultra-safe escrow system.

Built-in invoicing system

Automatically generated invoices. Download all invoices with just a click.

Customer service 24/7

Ask our Support Team anything, anytime by email and live chat.


What They say about us

"I would definitely recommend AppGrace app to boost your sales. Give them a try, have a chat with them, take few minutes of your time and you wont regret it."
Jacob Hedegaard
Hand made artist
"Super services, easy to use app and real 24x7 support. I am impressed!"
Sara Rice
Home supplier store
"I wasn’t sure at first if I want my products listed on Amazon but after I’ve seen the increase in sales was definitely the best decision. Thank you AppGrace"
Brian Lemond
Outdoor store owner
"AppGrace onboarding has been very smooth. James helped me setting up everything and he responded all my questions around the clock! "
Dominik Zimmer
Apparel store owner
"I couldn’t believe it at first, that it can go so fast and easy. But it’s all absolutely true, they sync everything for you, orders, prices, even tracking numbers. I’m so happy I found them!"
Jolina Klink
"Thanks to AppGrace, my products are now popular and I am getting daily orders."
Thomas Levi
POD store owner
Worldwide network

All types and sizes

We work with Shopify store owners, manufacturers, and distributors of all types and sizes, and from all over the world.